Why Birkenstock Sole Replacement Makes Sense than Buying a New Pair

Birkenstock is one of the best shoe brands, boasting more than two hundred years of legacy. They are known for manufacturing durable and tough sandals that last for years. However, years of use and exposure to the outdoor environment can wear and tear the sole of your Birkenstocks, too. The good news is that you can always get a Birkenstock sole replacement. So don’t toss out your old pair. Instead, look for an authorized Birkenstock repair shop that can turn your old sandals looking brand new. Here’s why:

• A new pair of Birkenstock costs around $100 while a repair costs only $50. Therefore, replacing the sole is cheaper than buying a new pair. Some cobblers can even repair your shoes for a lower price.

• Birkenstock soles are guaranteed replaceable. The manufacturer makes it clear that most parts of their shoes can be replaced. An authorized third-party repair shop can place new soles to your old shoes. Choose a cobbler that uses original parts.

• The shoes will look brand new. Aside from replacing the soles of your shoes, the cobblers will also clean and polish the upper part. You might not even recognize your old pair because it will come back looking brand new.

• When you choose to go to a local repair shop, you are supporting the small businesses as well as the lost art of cobbling.

• Finally, repairing your old shoes can help you lower your carbon footprint. It’s more environmentally friendly to fix broken sandals than to buy new ones.

Birkenstock sole replacement extends the overall product life of your favorite pair. Not only is it cheaper—it is eco-friendlier, too. Don’t have time in your busy day to take your shoes to a Birkenstock repair shop? No problem. The best shops now offer online consultations and bookings, where you ship the shoes to them and get it back in the mail once repairs have been made.

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The most trusted Handbag Repair Shop in Berkeley: Modelshoerenew

The best handbags may sometimes, unfortunately, get damaged. There is no reason to panic or discard the bags. Help is at hand. Head over to one of the most trusted handbag repair shop in Berkeley – Modelshoerenew. You can get your bag fixed and refurbished to look as good as new. The quality of materials and craftsmanship ensure that your bag gets the right care to get it back on you. Read on to learn how Modelshoerenew offers the best service.

Quality of craftsmanship
A handbag may have a worn out seam, or damaged detailing. To match the original calls for a high level of craftsmanship. Modeshoerenew, has over the years accumulated a powerhouse of knowledge about bags, shoes, and belts. Consequently, the quality of craftsmanship is superior and matches the original. The replaced portion or the refurbished detailing should not stick out like an odd man. This is one important aspect that is understood by the experts while undertaking a repair.

Possession of right materials
Being in business for a long time does help actually. The fact that we have been in this line for around four decades means that we understand materials better. Our experts are competent to assess the extent of repairs and refurbishing required at a glance. Most of the material is available on store. For the very rare occasion where materials may require to be sourced, we offer the same services.

Authorized dealers of bags and detailing material
We deal with the top brands and are also authorized stockists of detailing spares. Hence, we are in the unique position of being in possession of hard to find spares. We replace what could be a difficult replacement. We match it to the finish of the original in the present condition. Repairing a bag isn’t just about hammering or stitching something together. We know how best to justify a repair.
A handbag is a prized possession. It reflects personality. The loss of a prized possession to wear and tear or external damage can sometimes be disheartening. At Modelshoerenew , we understand sentimental value and attachments more than anyone else. Bags are our passion. To see a restored handbag bring bag a smile of satisfaction on its owner is immensely gratifying. Come over, bring that bag, and you’ll see what we do best. It’s not without reason that we are known as the best handbag repair shop in Berkeley.